Relocation and COVID-19

Relocation and COVID-19 

6 Apr 2020 

Within a few months, the Coronavirus spreads to the whole world and affecting every single entity. Without a doubt, the danger is real, and so its consequences. 

Asian Tigers Group, a global relocation partner, understands the situation and decided to spread awareness regarding COVID-19 and Relocation. We know that the virus came so quickly and unexpectedly, so you may need to change your moving plan. To stay safe, we should never underestimate the overall situation on COVID-19. 

Since everyone concerns the virus, they may get information from many different sources, which may not be trustworthy at all. Therefore, myths like Coronavirus not affecting children are widely spread. To protect yourself and your family from the virus, you may want to know the facts of the virus. The following information may help. 

What are doctors’ instructions about Coronavirus 

Droplet is a main transmission route of Coronavirus, and the virus is rather large the cell has a diameter of around 400- 500 nm, so wearing a surgical mask can protect you. If possible, you can also wear glasses to prevent the virus from transmitting through the eyes. 

The virus can still survive on many kinds of surfaces. Take stainless steel and glass as examples, the virus can survive for 4 days. If you touch the virus, it can remain active for 6-12 hours. Therefore, washing hands thoroughly with soap is a crucial step to keep the virus away.

What are the symptoms of pneumonia caused by Coronavirus? 

First, it will infect the throat, and then you will feel it dry and sore for 3-4 days. Afterward, the virus clings to the nasal fluid, drips into the breathing canal towards the lungs, causing pneumonia. This process takes 5 to 6 days. Although there are also some cases showing no symptom on an infected person, you should seek medical attention immediately if you have any symptoms or doubts. 

What can I do to prevent the virus? 

You may easily get infected by touching the contaminated objects or meeting infected people. To prevent getting infected, you should wash hands with soap frequently, and wear a mask when going out. If possible, you should practice social distancing. Stay home, stay safe

It must be a difficult time for all of us, but if we properly protect ourselves, we can beat it. Let’s do our best and fight against the Coronavirus together.