Moving Service 101

Moving Service 101

Moving Service 101 

20 Apr 2020 

Moving to a new place is a real adventure. Some may feel excited about it, while some may not. To relieve anxiety and stress, you better know more about it. It makes sense that not many people have sound knowledge of moving since it is not a frequent activity that everyone enjoys. However, when it comes to you, you would wish to know a bit more about it. Here is the common moving terminology you better know before moving. 


An expat is a person temporarily or permanently residing in a country other than that of their citizenship. For example, a British living in Hong Kong is an expat. 


The word, moving, is to express the idea of transporting one’s belongings from one dwelling to another. It can also refer to a person’s move from one place to another. 


Relocation services are different from moving. Instead of just moving the belongings, the relocation companies provide services like school search for kids and orientation, aiming to help settle in a new place. In general, relocation services are mainly targeted at multinational companies, helping them ensure the successful transfer of thousands of employees across the globe. In today’s global economy, the need for international workers seems never-ending, even during the 


Onsite survey 

Before providing a quote, the moving companies have to know the volume of the move. Therefore, they need to send a surveyor to visit your home. An onsite survey allows the move consultant to provide an accurate estimate of the volume of the move and to foresee the services that may be required. 

Storage-In-Transit (SIT) 

In case your new home is not yet ready to accommodate, you need the SIT service. It is temporary warehouse storage of your shipment until it can be further transported. The moving companies are likely to charge you additional costs for such service