Why You Do Need a Proper Handyman to Help with Your Move

Why You Do Need a Proper Handyman to Help with Your Move

Why You Do Need a Proper Handyman to Help with Your Move 

30 Oct 2020

1. It’s easier. Who wants the additional hassle of not having the right tool, or finding out the hard way that the walls to your new flat are actually concrete and steel so it’s not that easy to hang a picture. As movers, we’ve been called in more than a few times to rescue a DIY project gone bad. Ask yourself if spending a few extra dollars and freeing up your valuable time is worthwhile. We’d say it probably is. 

2. It’s not a lot of money. True enough, there is a charge for handyman service but you are getting a professional who is well versed in the local building codes, the peculiarities of the electrical supply, who has the right tools for the job, and the knowledge and experience necessary to complete the task professionally. Spend the money – it’s worth it.

3. Do you have all the tools needed? We all have a hammer, a screwdriver or two and a pair of pliers. But that is seldom enough and if you try and loosen a nut with a pair of pliers, and basically strip the nut, you’ll wish you had listened to us.

4. Do you really want to mess around with electrical wires, hookups, splicing and other life threatening activities? Nah, not for me. Here is Asia, we deal mostly with 240 volts and we’d all be well advised to steer clear of those pesky electrical jolts.

5. Get the right person for the job. Movers usually employ their own full time handymen and/or they contract out with handymen they know well and have served them well in the past. 

6. You won’t have to have your spouse critiquing your work. For me, this is reason enough to find someone to do the job for me. I’d much rather have my better half telling someone else, someone who can’t talk back, exactly how to do the job.