Asian Tigers Group Dominates the 2022 OMNI Tonnage Awards

Asian Tigers Group Dominates the 2022 OMNI Tonnage Awards

Asian Tigers Group Dominates the 2022 OMNI Tonnage Awards

    The OMNI Conference, held this year in beautiful Vietnam, wrapped up in its customary style, announcing the much-anticipated tonnage award winners for 2022. Walter and Philippa took center stage, presenting accolades to an array of deserving companies from around the world.

    A hearty congratulations to all winners! It was a pleasure to see some familiar faces basking in repeated glory, and just as heartening to watch newcomers step into the spotlight.

    The limelight undoubtedly shone bright on GRAEBEL MOVERS INTERNATIONAL INC, USA, who bagged the Platinum award for Sales and Leadership, having shipped an awe-inspiring 14,204,791 lbs. Kudos for this monumental achievement!

    It was heartening to see such geographical diversity in the winners. From Metropolitan Transports SA in Brazil to Stuttaford Van Lines in South Africa, each region showcased their leading movers.

    Now, on a humble note, we at the Asian Tigers Group are both proud and thankful. Our teams across the Philippines, Malaysia, and Hong Kong have truly outdone themselves. 

    • Asian Tigers Philippines clinched Gold in the Plus 250,000 lbs league with an increase of 53.75%.
    • Not too far behind, Asian Tigers Malaysia grabbed Gold in the Plus 500,000 lbs league, showing a growth of 27.35%.
    • And, in a truly proud moment for us, Asian Tigers Hong Kong not only secured Gold in the Plus 1,000,000 lbs league with an increase of 40.94% but also clinched the Regional Gold Sales Award for Asia, having moved 3,590,724 lbs. 

    This recognition is a testament to the relentless dedication and hard work of our teams across these regions. 

    Yet, in this moment of celebration, we also acknowledge and congratulate all other winners. We are in the company of giants, and every achievement, be it from G-INTER in Brazil or Alfa Quality Moving AB in Sweden, is a testament to the robustness and resilience of our industry.

    We look forward to another year of moving milestones and setting higher benchmarks. Once again, congratulations to every single winner. Here’s to even more growth and success in closing out 2023!