Asian Tigers' Gilles Dufour Earns First Place in FIDI ‘Essentials in International Moving' Seminar

Asian Tigers' Gilles Dufour Earns First Place in FIDI ‘Essentials in International Moving' Seminar

Asian Tigers’ Gilles Dufour Earns First Place in FIDI ‘Essentials in International Moving’ Seminar 

3 Jun 2017 

G: Gilles 

Could you please tell us a little about yourself? 

G: I am from Rennes, France and have been living in Asia for the past seven years. After finishing my Masters in Business

& Finance at Le Havre Normandy Business School, I moved to South Korea and worked in Finance for a year. And then I relocated to Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam and spent another year in Finance with a big video game production company. It was then I realized that I wanted to get back into my first love which is sales, and the opportunity with Asian Tigers Vietnam came along right at the right time. I am currently working as a Sales & Marketing Manager in Asian Tigers HCMC and I am really enjoying my journey with them. 

What are your hobbies

G: My passion is soccer, both playing and watching. I like to stay active with sports and exercise. I love travelling around Asia, discovering new cultures and histories, and experiencing the amazing mix between tradition and modernity. 

How long have you been with Asian Tigers and where do you see yourself in 5-10 years? 

G: I have been with the Tigers for almost four years now and I have really enjoyed and appreciated every day. We have an amazing team here in Vietnam and my boss Matt King has played a great role in my career. We are the market leader in a developing market which is exciting and challenging. In the future I definitely see myself staying in Asia and with Asian Tigers. With my love of Asia and being with the premier relocation company in Asia, it just seems like a natural fit. As my career progresses I would expect larger markets to be more challenging and as Asian Tigers grows I would hope to grow along side it. 

What are your thoughts on FIDI? 

G: I of course was always aware of the FIDI network. The EIM course really made me understand the power of FIDI and taught me many valuable lessons. It is really an essential tool to provide our clients with the best choices while also improve our internal processes and procedures in a competitive environment. It forces us to be the best of the best. 

What do you see for the future of our industry? 

G: I really think things are changing fast, and having such a strong FIDI network will be essential for our continued success. We face tough competition from large worldwide groups who are trying to get more and more worldwide contracts so FIDI needs to continue to be innovative and to lead on issues facing our customers.