Cost of Living in Malaysia

Cost of Living in Malaysia 

10 Feb 2020

Although Malaysia is right next to Singapore, the cost of living in Malaysia is relatively low. According to the 2019 Mercer Cost of Living Survey, Kuala Lumpur ranked 141st out of 209 cities surveyed worldwide, showing that the cost of living in Malaysia is lower than in Ho Chi Minh City, Manila and Jakarta. 

Cost of accommodation 

You can find a range of accommodation options in Malaysia and the price varies. Renting a two-bedroom condo in an upmarket area of Kuala Lumpur can be comparatively expensive. You can probably find similar accommodation in other district but pay half the price of that in Kuala Lumpur. One-bedroom apartment in city center can cost you around US$500, while three-bedroom apartment in city center can cost you around US$800

Cost of Food 

Food price in Malaysia is quite low, especially when you purchase local products. A fine range cuisine from all around the world is available in Malaysia. You can enjoy the local markets by dining on street food, and also dine in a restaurant which offer you steak and wine. Three- course meal at mid-range restaurant for a couple may cost you around US$ 35. However, alcohol is expensive there, so drinks can increase the meal bill significantly. 

Cost of Transportation 

Buying a new car in Malaysia is expensive, even when comparing with USA. Malaysia is also a notoriously congested city, so you are highly recommended to make good use of public transportation. Monthly transportation tickets for public transit cost you about US$30.