Your Spouse Does Influence The Result

Your Spouse Does Influence The Result 

24 Jun 2019

Assignees who are capable of getting the assignment done are selected to relocate. With support and training, the assignees are more likely to adapt to a new life quickly. However, most of them are also likely to have an unenthusiastic partner and have to deal with it. You may wonder how influential it could be, but the answer may blow your mind. 

It is not easy for the assignees to adapt to an entirely new working environment. If the partner is not supportive and has a negative view of living in the host country, the assignee will have to bear lots of pressures, which may hinder the progress of the assignment. The negative emotion received from the family could significantly affect the performance of the assignee, even if he/she is a perfect candidate for the appointment. To avoid failure of the assignment, assignees may need to deal with their partner first. 

To comfort the partner, assignees can get the partner involved more at the beginning stage. Although it could be difficult for the partner to leave a familiar place, visualizing the life in the host country can help reduce the anxiety of the partner so as to eliminate the resistance to change. Try to show the positive side of the new life to the spouse. By doing so, the spouse can be encouraged to start an adventure. 

Communication with their partner is necessary. A deep talk can help. Assignees should respect the view of their partner while expressing their thoughts. If things cannot work out at the end, assignees can also consider relocating alone instead of insisting on going together.