Tips for HR Managers to Deal with Visa

Tips for HR Managers to Deal with Visa 

17 Jun 2019

Before relocating an assignee, human resource managers need to check the immigration requirements for them since the policies are not the same among countries. They have to figure out the different requirements for business visas or work permits to ensure the right travel document is well-prepared. It is a troublesome process with no doubt. There are some tips below for the Human Resource managers to ease the process. 

Make sure the passport is valid 

Before applying for the visa, the very first thing you need to do is to ensure the validity of the assignee’s passport. Most of the countries require at least six months’ validity on the passport. If not, the immigration officers can reject the entry of your assignee on arrival. 

Apply for the correct visa 

Depending on the passport your assignee is holding, the visa requirement varies. Countries allow certain passport holders to enter the border without a visa. Or you may need to prearrange a visa before the arrival. Before applying for a visa, you may need to figure out which visa fulfill the company’s needs. There are visas which allow your assignee to work and stay longer. Without a proper visa, your assignees may have to face lots of difficulties and even cannot work there. To avoid undesired consequences, you may want to check the visa details on the official website. 

Provide a clear guideline to the assignee 

When your assignee needs a visa to make an overseas visit, he usually needs to complete the application by submitting many documents. List out all the materials he needs to provide and double-check with him to see if all the necessary documents are well-prepared to prevent from delaying the application. After the arrival, your assignee may also need to submit documents to the local immigration office. It would be helpful if you can provide enough guideline to your assignee about where and when they should submit the papers and also what they should prepare. 

Seek help from experts 

Applying for a visa is only one task in the procedure of relocation. Relocating a person is a complicated task. Mistakes can be easily made. To ensure the relocation process go smoothly, you may consider hiring experts to assist. With the solid experience and the know-how, the relocation company can help you to complete the whole relocation process efficiently. 

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