Renewal of Your China Visa

Renewal of Your China Visa 

4 Jan 2018

*Valid across all cities and announced in March 2017 but implemented strictly Dec. 7th 2017 onwards

Ref: (Mandarin) 

What happened in the past

Previously, you needed to renew your visa – worst case scenario you applied on the last day of its validity – right before the deadline. 

What needs to happen now? 

Submission on the online portal for renewal needs to happen at least 30 (calendar) days before the visa’s expiry date. 

Timeline overview for the renewal application is 10 days online application + 5 days physical application. Total 15 days, meaning that your renewal should be approved and ready 15 days before the original visa’s expiry. 

Will your visa effectively be valid for a short time? 

No. Extension date will be the date of original visa expiry. 

What happens if you do not have your renewal submitted by Minimum 30 day in advance? 

No application will be entertained and you will need to apply in full in your home country for a new visa. 

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