Lost for Ideas…..in Bangkok

Lost for Ideas…..in Bangkok 

14 Jul 2020 

Moving away from relocation services and visa applications, this is the first in a series of useful local knowledgetips for everyone living in any of the eclectic mix of communities and cities that we serve. First up, from Andy Marshall our COO in Thailand

When I first moved to Asia just about 26 years ago, there was such a limited choice of options available in Bangkok, that having any idea about where to go for a drink after work, or for lunch or dinner on a weekend was easy-peasy!

It was never a big problem coming up with a suggestion for a venue. We just stayed with the same old places, as few between as they were back then. Things have changed for the expatriate community in Bangkok now. There is a plethora of choice. You name your favourite cuisine, Bangkok has it gourmet burgers, Mexican, Italian, Indian, French, Chinese, and – my personal favourite – the exquisite abundance of tasty, aromatic Thai street-food. 

And as ever, our Irish, British, and Australian hosts and restaurateurs that have moved their homes to ‘The Big Mango’ are leading the charge. But what about New Zealand, I hear you question….? Which brings me nicely to the point of this blog which is designed to make you want to stay in Bangkok a little longer, and not leave just yet. 

A few years or two ago, I was arranging to meet a friend for dinner, and I asked, ‘where shall we meet?’. The unhelpful reply was simply ‘No Idea’. Little did I realise that this was a suggestion, and not an unhelpful response to my question. But it did not take long to comprehend that what my colleague was proposing is that we ventured to a cosy gastropub in the Sukhumvit area, under New Zealand ownership. Its name: ‘No Idea’. 

What a revelation! Located on Soi 22, this little gem spoils the culinary whims of probably most diners. The food is good. Very good. And lots of choice too. The wine selection is enormous. The managing partner is always there mingling, maintaining an eye over his guests, and personally visits every table, every night, to check in with his customers with his typical Kiwi charm and hospitality.

So if you are not moving your home out this summer, or you are planning to relocate to Asia and arrive in Thailand soon, just remember that when a friend has ‘No Idea’ where to meet up, and while you think they are being entirely unhelpful, their ‘ignorance’ may actually be your stroke of good fortune, or they are playing with you and actually have a very good idea! Either way, take their advice!