How much do you know the lunar Year of the Rabbit?

How much do you know the lunar Year of the Rabbit?

How much do you know the lunar Year of the Rabbit? 

11 Jan 2023 

2023 is the Year of the Rabbit, based on the Chinese Zodiac Calendar. Chinese Zodiac years begin and end at Chinese New Year, starting from Jan. 22, 2023, to Feb. 9, 2024. Each year in the repeating zodiac cycle of 12 years is represented by a zodiac animal, each with its reputed attributes. In order, zodiac animals are Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig.

Chinese Zodiac Myth – why the Rabbit ranked 4th 

The sequence of the 12 signs is popularly explained by a myth: when the Jade Emperor (the supreme immortal) was developing a calendar in the past. All creatures on Earth had been summoned to participate in a race. The first 12 to cross the line were awarded signs and their order in the Chinese zodiac. 

Legend has it the Rabbit was proud of its speed. He was neighbors with Ox and always made fun of Ox’s slowness. On the day of the race, Rabbit set off at daybreak. But when he got to the track, no other animals were in sight. Thinking he would be the first, he went off to the side and napped. However, three other animals had already passed the finish line when he woke. One of them was the Ox he had always looked down upon. He came in fourth by jumping from stone to stone past mid-river and then was lucky enough to find a floating log to ride to the opposite shore. Therefore, the rabbit is known to be the luckiest out of all the twelve animals. 

Personality and Characteristics of the Rabbit 

Chinese people believe that a person’s horoscope, personality, and love compatibility are closely associated with his/her Chinese zodiac sign, determined by his/her birth year. Rabbits are gentle, quiet, kind, patient, alert, quick, and responsible. They are also vigorous and ambitious, daring and courageous, enthusiastic and generous, and self-confident with a sense of justice. Like their eponymous zodiac animal, people born in the years of the Rabbit have a pure heart and always treat people politely. They always put a gentle smile on their face, making people feel credible and sincere. Although the quiet personality of rabbits may hide their confidence and strength, when encountering tough difficulties, they are never discouraged. They remain persistent in finding solutions and steadily moving towards their goal. Though looking mild and soft, the Rabbits are alert to strangers and outsiders. They don’t trust others easily, unlikely to be fooled by others. However, they do have courteous manners in social settings. 

According to the Five Elements, 2023 is the year of the water rabbits; people born in this year are gentle and amicable. They can adjust to different conditions readily, yet others can easily influence them. 

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