Coping with Covid

Coping with Covid 

16 Mar 2021

Here is photographic evidence of our dedication to the business. From top to bottom, left to right, we present you – 

The spiky virus really threw a spanner in the works this time around. Like so many others, we turned to the magic of Zoom to bring 26 Tigers together for three days of meetings, 15 intense hours, and hundreds of pages of PowerPoint, Excel, and Word documents. 

Asian Tigers Group has had to rethink how we do our business, facilitate our partners and serve our customers in a new way. This has happened at many levels, the latest one being our regular Spring time managers’ meeting. This is when we all gather together to share trade ideas, discuss the current situation in our industry and mix in a bit of R&R (not much, just a bit!) 

It was interesting to hear the participants’ views and how some felt it was efficient and useful, while others voice concern about the lack of human contact. Face-to-face off-site meetings indeed present so many causal opportunities for extended chats over morning coffee or evening cocktails. We believe and all hope that in the post-Covid world that is certainly on the horizon, we will once again get together and enjoy each other’s company, bond a bit, and go back to the future.