Auspicious date for moving into a new house

Auspicious date for moving into a new house

13 Sep 2022 

When you decide to move, the first thing to do is to pick a date. However, selecting a good date to move is not something simple nor random but requires tactics. 

Chinese have their traditional wisdom in choosing a moving date. They love to check the Chinese almanac to see whether their favored date is auspicious for moving. They believe moving on a good date can ensure a smooth and fortunate move without accidents. If the Chinese almanac shows that moving is inauspicious on a particular date, the Chinese will tend to avoid that date and pick another one. When picking the moving date, two elements are commonly used in consideration – the Chinese Zodiac and the orientation of your new house. If the date you plan to move does not clash with any of these elements, then you are good to go. Here are some auspicious dates that are suitable for moving in September.

For more auspicious date, you can refer to here. 

Some people rely on the Chinese almanac while others depend on convenience. Most of them need to work on weekdays and weekends; therefore, becomes a popular choice for them. However, moving at the weekend may not be a good choice. You may need to pay an additional cost when asking to move on the weekend since some moving companies do not recognize Sunday as a working day and have a Sunday surcharge. Besides, some management offices do not accept applications for moving into their buildings on weekends or public holidays as they may concern about causing inconvenience to the neighbors. They may impose some limitations on weekends or public holidays for moving requests. To avoid the additional cost and restrictions, you may consider moving on weekdays.

Some people may want to move immediately vet it may not be possible People are recommended to start their booking conversation with the moving company’s representative as soon as possible to ensure the reservation of a particular date.

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