Top Tips for Surviving Hotel Quarantine

Top Tips for Surviving Hotel Quarantine

6 Jul 2021

Given the ongoing pandemic, the reality is many of us are going to spend some time in hotel quarantine or self-isolation this year. After experiencing a 14-day hotel quarantine with 2 children, here are my tips for surviving and thriving. 

Be as prepared as you can – knowing what to expect can help to be physically and mentally prepared. Google and online groups such as “Hotel Quarantine Australia”, and “Parents in Hotel Quarantine Facilitieson Facebook offer a plethora of information. Most of all, try to go in with a positive attitude. Having the right mindset can make a big difference.

If you have lots of luggage, pack everything you’ll need during quarantine into one bag and the rest into another bag. This will reduce stress (and mess) by finding what you want quickly and easily. 

Even if food is provided, know how to order food (and other items) to supplement what you’re given. Get orders delivered as soon as possible by setting up accounts ahead of time. You can even have an order ready to place once you arrive and have confirmed your needs. 

Consider how you will keep active. Resistance training, skipping, yoga, dancing, and simple exercises like sit-ups, pushups, and burpees can all be effectively done in a relatively small space. Countless exercise routines and other inspiration can be found on YouTube.

Just as importantly, think about how you will keep your mind active. Consider life admin that needs attention, read a book, or work on a project. Following a daily schedule can help to have the days pass smoothly. Be sure to schedule some time 

to indulge in a few luxuries – enjoy a glass of wine, give yourself a facial, have a bubble bath, paint or draw and listen to music. Schedule time each day to stay connected with friends and family and feel less isolated.

A few things to consider packing: 

  • Exercise equipment (resistance bands, skipping rope, yoga mat) 
  • Compact luggage scales if you have another flight to take that may have different luggage limits 
  • Headphones if travelling as part of a group, so you can enjoy entertainment without disturbing others 
  • Art/craft supplies (paint set, colouring pencils, colouring books, knitting/crochet supplies) 
  • Technology equipment such as an HDMI cable to allow you to connect your computer to the hotel tv (be sure
  • to have Netflix or another streaming service downloaded and ready to go)
  • If traveling from a different country, plug adaptors (and transformers) if required Cleaning supplies to wash dishes, clothes and keep your space clean Aromatherapy oils to keep your room smelling nice, reduce stress, and improve sleep quality If travelling with children, have a selection of toys and planned activities. Balloons alone can be a source of hours of entertainment. If you can manage it, having something new or special each day can give the children something to look forward to and help pass the days more quickly. 

If you are traveling with children and during your travels or quarantine period, you will have to undertake any Covid-19 tests, prepare them for what to expect. Having a lollipop can help release endorphins and make the process easier for some children. 

Ask for help if needed, be that having people drop care packages at the hotel front desk, or calling a helpline if you are struggling mentally. If you are unsure of who to call, try the hotel front desk or search online to find a local mental health support number. 

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