Tips on Finding Job in a New Country

Tips on Finding Job in a New Country 

26 Nov 2018

When moving to a new country with your spouse, you may find that one of the biggest decision to make is whether to work or not. Without a job, you may have too much spare time and feel bored. In order to add some excitement to life, you may need a job. Of course, it is not easy to get a job in foreign country, especially when the official language there is not your familiar one. However, it is too early to give it up. Here are some tips for you to find a job!

Make sure you can work 

First of all, you must have a visa which allows you to work. Without that, you will need to find an employer to apply a visa for you. This sounds quite challenging but still possible. If you have a visa that allows you to work, there still are several things you need to pay attention to, including the maximum working hours and the types of job you are permitted to do. 

Prepare the documents 

Before finding a job, you should have all the useful documents well-prepared. Not only should the up-to-date resume be included, but also personal identification card and university transcripts. These documents can help the potential employer to have a better understanding on you, and facilitate the hiring process. 

Make good use of your network 

Many expats find jobs through their networks. You should seek advice from friends living in the same country or even the local friends. If you are just newly arrived in the country and do not have many friends there, you may consider to meet other expats on social media platform. There are many groups for expats exchanging information on Facebook. You may want to have a look there. 

Be realistic about the salary 

The salary in Asia is more likely to be lower than that in the west. Therefore, you are recommended to do some research on the average salary of your interested positions. By doing so, you can bargain with the potential employers in a more reasonable basis. 

Don’t be surprise if you’re asked personal questions 

In Asian countries, some employers may want to know more about your background so they tend to ask questions relating to your religion and your family. It is quite common. At that moment, please don’t be shocked.