The Story of Fake “Asian Tigers”

The Story of Fake “Asian Tigers” 

12 May 2021

On November 16, 2020, we received a phone call to Asian Tigers China’s Beijing office. A woman on the other end of the call complained, “I believed my friend’s recommendation and chose you as my relocation company. However, I am disappointed since we signed the contract.We quickly look into this case and finally realized we had not had any contact with this person. 

Unfortunately, she had been deceived by another fake “tiger” company and mistook them as us. As she had not been able to contact the fake company after paying for her move, she decided to ask her friend who had recommended us at the beginning for our contact information. Then she found out that we are not the same company. 

For your guidance – 

Figure 1: Official website is certified by Baidu search engine (Yellow marked parts)

There are several companies in China that are fraudulently representing themselves as Asian Tigers. They do this via websites and business cards similar in appearance to ourselves, such as similar company names, similar tiger logo, similar slogans, and images, etc. We have been actively taking legal actions against these fake Asian Tigers and communicating with Baidu, the largest search engine in China, to crack down on the fake websites. After a lengthy legal process, we have recently received a verdict from the Chinese courts that “Asian Tigers” is the copyright name with a high reputation belonging exclusively to us and has awarded damages against one fake company. Based on this verdict, we will take legal action against others who are illegally attracting customers using our brand name.”

Here is the correct information for Asian Tigers China: 

Company name in Chinese: 泛骏华国际物流中国有限公司 / 泛駿華國際物流中國有限公司 

Company name in English: Asian Tigers China 

Company official website: 

Company public official account for WeChat: Asian Tigers China 

If you have been cheated by a fake Asian Tigers company, please contact the police immediately, and you can share this information with us at Feel free to share this information with others.