The Beauty Standard

The Beauty Standard 

22 Oct 2018 

It is obvious that all the females love to be pretty, no matter where they are from. Both Western and Asian have specific ideals of female beauty, but do they share the same ideals? The answer is probably no. The beauty standards of Asian and Western can be completely different. 

Let’s start with the skin color. In western countries, ladies and girls put lots of effort on achieving the ultimate sun-kissed look. Not only do they believe that tanned skin make them look healthier, but also think that tanned skin indicates higher social class. A healthy tan can show others that one has time and money to enjoy the sunshine on a luxurious island or to have a tanning treatment. On the other hand, Asian are so desperate to keep their skin white. You can easily find sunscreen lotion or whitening products in Asia. You may wonder why Asian prefer pale skin, I can say it is related to social class too. In the past, only the rich people had a white skin as they did not have to work in the fields for living, so the unblemished white skin can prove that they were of a different class. Although pale skin is not necessarily related to higher social class nowadays, people still prefer to have white skin. 

Apart from skin color, females care their body shape the most. With no doubt, the interpretations of perfect body shape in Asia and Western are quite different. If you live in Asia, it is not hard to hear girls around you saying “I’m on diet” or “I have to lose weight”, being thin is desperately wanted by the Asian girls. However, western may think in the other way. Westerns love to be slim, yet, they want a curvy body, instead of just being thin. Comparing with Asian, western girls are more willing to build muscles in order to get a better body shape. This shows westerns prefer a fit body, which is not necessarily to be skinny but healthy and fit. 

You can see that the beauty standards are still quite different in Asia and western now. Yet, you can hardly tell how the beauty standards evolve in the coming future. What you need to remember is that you are perfect the way you are. Everyone is unique and special. You don’t have to follow the trend but just be yourself!