Spring in Asia

Spring in Asia

15 Apr 2019 

People in Asian countries are now enjoying the marvelous spring now. It denotes the end of winter and the start of warm days. The weather in East Asia is lovely as you can see the blooming flowers everywhere. 

No matter where you are from, you must have ever heard about the cherry blossom in Japan and South Korea. The Cherry Blossom Festival begins in the south of Japan around March and ends in the north around May. The beauty of cherry blossom is an excellent reason for everyone to go on a picnic and is also a niche as people are willing to spend a fortune on goods linking to cherry blossom. Instead of the well-known cherry blossom, you can also see a wide range of other flower species no wonder why spring is such a lovely season. 

If you are the one who loves the mountain views more than flowers, Taiwan is the right place for you in Spring. Yangmin Shan in Taipei is a famous mountain, which is one of the best national parks in Taiwan and well-known as a place to have a sauna. The view is stunning. 

Stories in Southeast Asia are slightly different. The weather is not as gentle as in East Asia. Spring is the hottest time to travel in Southeast Asia. You may not know that the temperatures reach their peaks for the year in April and May. Luckily, people in Thailand know how to cool themselves down. On April 13 each year, the famous water fight in Thailand starts to celebrate the traditional Thai New Year. Since pouring water to others is a culture meaning a blessing, no one can stay dry until the end. Not only Thais but people from all around the world are also attracted by this event. You can feel the joy everywhere in Thailand. 

Other than the water festival in Thailand, there are still numerous festivals in other Asian Countries, like Reunification Day in Vietnam. Spring in Asia is lovely and amazing. Let’s enjoy it before it goes.