Special Alert from Asian Tigers Hong Kong office

Special Alert from Asian Tigers Hong Kong office 

11 Mar 2022

Dear Clients and Partners, 

As reported one week ago, the sudden and dramatic spike in Covid-19 cases continues its upward climb. Daily infections last week were 32,500. This week it hit 55,000 per day. 

Largely as a result, the number of move enquiries has ballooned with most people wanting to leave immediately. At the same time, like others in our field, we have been hit with our own Covid-19 cases. That ‘perfect storm’ means that some transferees cannot be accommodated, at least on the timelines they prefer. Thereby we apologize that our April schedule has almost reached the maximum capacity. 

Our mission is to do what we can with the resources available to us. Our mission is also to set reasonable expectations as early in the move process as possible. We know that in the short term, some transferees cannot be accommodated but we are doing our best to minimize these cases, and to work with our loyal clients as closely as we can. If your move takes place in May or later, our customer service representative will contact you afterward.

Asian Tigers Hong Kong