Sustainability – ESG 

Caring for tomorrow

At Asian Tigers Singapore, we do our best to create a positive impact in society.  We take our social and environmental responsibilities seriously by engaging in ethical business practices, fair employment and green initiatives.

Environment Commitments

Climate change matters.  For the welfare of our future generations, we proactively commit to environmental sustainability and aim to achieve net-zero emissions.  We continuously seek ways to reduce our carbon footprint and adopt sustainable practices in our business.

Our building has been fully fitted with a solar roof comprising 665 panels covering 1,718 square metres.  The solar energy generated will be used to charge electric forklifts and power the air-conditioners in our warehouse and office.  With this move, we commit to an annual avoidance of 196 tons of indirect carbon dioxide emissions.

We are working with established providers to implement greenhouse gas (GHG) monitoring of our operations and facilities.  Our goal is to reduce our carbon emissions, by 2035, to 50% of our pre-pandemic emissions level, and to reach net-zero by 2050. We will also strive to reduce our scope 3 emissions (i.e. indirect emissions that occur in the upstream and downstream activities of the company) by engaging our suppliers and customers, and modifying our packaging materials and designs.

We are also very proud that since 2001, the Asian Tigers Group has been partnering WWF to double the population of wild tigers through our Tiger Action Fund.  Our contributions are used to train rangers, support anti-poaching efforts, and promote research and advocacy.  To date, we have donated well over $800,000 to help save this magnificent animal from extinction.

Social Commitments

We commit to treating each employee as a cherished member of the family.  That’s why the majority of our staff have worked with us for more than 10 years, and some, even 30 years or more.

Both Asian Tigers Singapore and Silk Relo are among the first organizations to achieve the highest standard in diversity and inclusion (D&I) by earning the Human Resource Standards Institute (HRSI) organizational certification.  The HRSI certification shows that the HR processes of Asian Tigers Singapore and Silk Relo are aligned with ISO 30415 human resource management (HRM) – D&I standards. It proves that our commitment to HR and D&I practices is backed by real action.

Governance Commitments

We commit to being an ethical and responsible business.  We have clear values and policies to ensure that our people don’t just do things right, but also do the right things.

We are FAIM-Plus certified by FIDI, a premier network of moving companies based in Brussels, Belgium.  FAIM is the most stringent quality programme for the international moving industry and  FAIM companies are required to implement strong financial and operational protocols.  Across all our past audits, Asian Tigers Singapore has consistently excelled and surpassed the FIDI targets for ‘Asia Continent’ and ‘Global Industry’.

Recognizing the importance of implementing a robust information security framework, we achieved ISO 27001 for information security management system (ISMS) in 2020 and became one of a handful of moving companies around the world with this accreditation.  With ISO 270001 certification, our clients and partners can be assured that we have best-practice information security processes in place to safeguard their data.

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