Parenting Style in East and West

Parenting Style in East and West 

19 Nov 2018

It is obvious that the parenting style in the east is different from that in the west. Most of the eastern parents follow the traditional wisdom learnt from their parents to take care of their kids while the western parents tend to get information through interacting with communities and educators. Thus, different parenting styles are developed. Yet, it is hard to say which one is better. 


Creativity is a very important element of learning in the west. Most of the western parents encourage their kids to think more and to try more, instead of providing a standard guideline directly. Yet, the story is different in the east. The eastern focus more on routines and discipline. They are more likely to teach kids what they should do and what they should not do. It is due to the general belief in the east that strict discipline is important key to success. 

As eastern kids are expected to follow rules set by parents, severe punishment will come once they break rules. The Eastern-Style punishment always hurts. In the Western world, parents believe that kids should not feel pain as it is detrimental to a kid’s emotional development. Therefore, western kids are less likely to get hurt due to punishment but only required to reflect themselves. 

Not only do they punish kids in different ways, but also express love in different ways. You seldom hear eastern parents keep on saying “I love you” to the kids or telling their kids how wonderful they are. The eastern parents love their kids for sure but they seldom show it. Yet, western parents are more willing to express their love to their kids explicitly. It is very normal that parents and kids in the west kiss each other, which may not be that often in the east. 

It is not easy to define which parenting style is the best or the worst, just love your kids and adopt the one you feel comfortable with. Nothing is better than a suitable style for you.