Our Operation Procedure in respect to the COVID-19 Restrictions

Our Operation Procedure in respect to the COVID-19 Restrictions 

11 May 2020 

We are still here to move, store & ship your belongings. 

At Asian Tigers Hong Kong, it’s ‘business as usual’ with respect to the COVID-19 restrictions. Our operation teams are busy helping our clients relocate. 

  1. Arrange a pre-move survey 

It is important that we are able to estimate the volume of your shipment and see the access to your residence, in order to provide an accurate quotation. We therefore ideally will need to have one of our Moving Consultants perform a pre-move survey. For those who cannot conduct physical surveys for some reason, we can do a video call with you so you can show us what you want to be moved. 

  1. Required permits & documents 

Required permits and documents are slightly different from countries to countries, especially under COVID-19. Kindly contact us to get more precise information. 

Sometimes we require original signatures on some documents so if you are overseas, we will need to send and receive documents by courier. 

  1. Packing 

All operations staff are required to use face masks and are subject to temperature checks each day. We adhere strictly to the guidelines and the rules of the government and medical authority to avoid infection. The crew is compartmentalized so there is no crossover of members from a crew to the other. Field crew and warehouse crew are also segregated to keep contact to a minimum. All trucks and equipment go through a deep clean after each day. We also will need to confirm with the compound/building management that they will allow access to our workers and truck. 

  1. Shipping 

Shipping freight has been affected by Covid-19, especially air freight which there is limited capacity and the air rates have increased significantly. If you are planning an international move, please get in touch with us as soon as possible so that we can make the necessary arrangements as early as possible.