One of the Safest City in the World – Hong Kong

One of the Safest City in the World – Hong Kong 

29 Jul 2019

According to US researchers Gallup 2018 Global Law and Order report, Hong Kong rose eight notches to rank as the sixth safest city in the world with a score of 91. If you are going to relocate to Hong Kong, you will not worry about the safety issue

The crime rate is an indicator of a city’s safety. The statistics provided by the Hong Kong Police Force shows the overall crime rate in 2019 (Jan – Apr) is 1.7% less than that in 2018 (Jan – Apr), given that the crime cases hit record low in the first half of 2018. Only 28 robberies were recorded by police in the first four months of this year, while London saw more than 12,500 during the same period. Despite the recent mass protests and marches, which are part of Hong Kong political culture, most of the Hongkongers were peaceful while expressing their grievance. Hong Kong is a peaceful and safe place in general. 

Hong Kong gains a reputation not only as a low crime rate city but also as a city with a sophisticated health care system. It can be proved by life expectancy. According to the Department of Health in Hong Kong, the expectancy of life at birth for men and women was 82 years and 88 years respectively in 2017. With more than 50 hospitals in a densely populated city, you can easily access healthcare services. Medical Emergency services are also available 24/7. 

Hong Kong is also a blessed place to stay away from many natural disasters with geographic advantage. I bet you have never heard any volcano eruption or tsunami in Hong Kong. Although Typhoons are quite frequent in Summer, the cyclone warning system in Hong Kong is sophisticated. People know how to deal with it, and unlikely injure or die because of it. 

Hong Kong is a safe and lovely place to live in. You can get rid of the anxiety and start a new chapter there.