NEI’s Supplier Conference

NEI’s Supplier Conference 

24 Oct 2018

Congratulations to Asian Tigers Group having two significant acknowledgements in NEI’s Supplier Conference this year.

The first was the announcement that Asian Tigers has obtained GPA+ NEI designation (Global Partner Alliance) as one of the 79 current partners in their global network. It is for companies that embrace and support NEI’s mission of Service Exceeding Expectations. There were over 270 partners in the room this year, and there are still more partners in their network. This is a good solid achievement!

The best news yet, Asian Tigers has been awarded the 2018 NEI Partner of the Year award for NEI. This is the top award presented by NEI and takes into consideration many different aspects, most importantly a commitment to: partnering, service excellence, cost management, business growth, innovation and training opportunities. 

NEI does not award this every year and this is a HUGE achievement. They shared with the audience the criteria and the contributions Asian Tigers has made to their organization, their clients and transferee’s. The award and acknowledgement are credited to all the Asian Tigers staff for achieving the commitment to excellence, partnership and Going for Greatness in Asia!

Photo: Kate Dodge, President, NEI Global Relocation, Kay Kutt, Managing Director, Relocation Services, Asia and Jessie Leng, Regional Manager, Asia (From left to right

Once again, congratulations to Asian Tigers Group!