Moving Your Taste Buds….Thai Street Food

Moving Your Taste Buds….Thai Street Food 

26 Aug 2020 

Moving away from relocation services and visa applications, this is the latest series of useful local knowledge’ tips for everyone living in any of the eclectic mix of communities and cities that we serve. This time we hear from Paul Ware, our general manager in Thailand: 

Relocating to anywhere in Asia demands us to move many things: our home, our family, our pets, our mindset. The list goes on. But once you have been through all these physical and mental challenges and satisfied all those visa applications and other unavoidable bureaucracies, we then must move all our senses, especially our taste buds! 

Affectionately referred to as the rice bowl, Southeast Asia is rich in food and while it is true that the staples are rice and noodles, Thai food is personified by light, aromatic dishes with a spicy edge. We never go hungry in Thailand and – luckily – can find some of the tastiest dishes on virtually any street corner.

If you can, imagine yourself to the hustling streets of Bangkok. The aroma is the first attack on your senses, closely followed by the clattering sounds of spatulas in woks, and the pounding of pestles and mortars. 

The main event is the taste! Salty, sour, sweet and – of course, depending upon how many chilis you are brave enough to include – the spicy! The complement of all these tastes, inter-twined with the complex fragrances and smells makes Thai Street Food one of the most endearing and satisfying aspects of relocating to Asia.

Thai cuisine can be loosely categorised: yam (spicy salad), tam (pounded food), tom (boiled dishes) and gaeng (curry- including the world-famous green chicken curry). 

After you have relocated your home to Thailand, be sure to make a trip out to enjoy some Som Tam Thai (spicy papaya salad) and Gai Yang (grilled chicken). Add a little Khao Neow (sticky rice) with Nam Jim Jaew (a spicy dipping sauce made with tamarind, lime juice, fish sauce, chili, coriander, and spring onion) and your tastes buds will be moved too! яндекс 

If you have any space left, you can then move onto the fruits of Thailand. You will never want to move home again!