Moving with Pets

Moving with Pets 

18 Feb 2019

People could probably feel stressful when moving, so do the pets. Unlike human being who can understand the situation clearly, pets are likely to feel panic about all the sudden changes. Owners may have to pay more attention to comfort their pets. Although there is no single solution to move pets, the following tips may help you. 

  1. Do research 

When you are moving to another country, you may need to consider the clearance procedure. Requirements differ from country to country, some countries may require a longer time for vaccinations and check-ups. Take Australia as an example, owners who move their pets to Australia are required to start the process up to eight months before their arrival. You should also check if your pets are one of the species allowed to import. Otherwise, your pet could face a long quarantine period. 

  1. Contact your vet 

You are not going to forget to take your pets’ records and any prescription medications with you when you are moving. Your new vet may need those documents to provide the best treatment to your pets. 

  1. Consider crate conditioning 

Pets can be very anxious during the flight. Therefore, owners can help them to get used to the crate beforehand. Owners can start by putting their toys or foods in the crate to help them grasp the concept of confinement. When they are used to the crate, you can try to close the gate for a short period. Do it step-by-step so that your pets can feel a bit more comfortable. 

  1. Be careful when transporting the pets 

Please make sure the gate of a crate is closed. You may not want to imagine how bad it could be if your pets get out of the crate. Therefore, you better open the gate only after arriving at the new home, even if your pets are usually well- behaved. 

  1. Give your pet time 

It is not yet done when your pets arrive at the new home. A new environment could be a great challenge for them as there are smells and sounds to discover. What you should do is to unpack their belongings first and then set your pets in an area with their familiar things.