Moving Service Beginner Part 2

Moving Service Beginner Part 2

26 May 2022 

Moving to a new place is an adventure. Some may feel excited about it, while some may not. To release some anxiety and stress about moving, you should know more about it. Not many people have sound knowledge of driving since it is not a frequent activity that everyone enjoys. After part 1, we have talked about Expat, Moving and Relocation. Let continue in Part 2!

Onsite survey. 

Before providing a quote, the moving companies have to know the volume of the move. Therefore, they need to send a surveyor to visit your home. An onsite survey allows the move consultant to provide an accurate estimate of the volume of the move and to foresee the services you may need for the move. 

Video survey. 

COVID-19 has been affecting people’s daily lives in the past three years; many people started to have a mindset of not willing another person to enter their house for COVID safety reasons. With this idea, moving companies have begun implementing video or zoom surveys to act as the first-hand volume assessment measure. The video survey process is the same as an onsite-survey, but in an online method. Surveyors assess your property and household item while showing them on zoom or video. Without letting them enter your home, you can have a professional quotation from an expert 


StorageIn-Transit (SIT

In case your new home is not yet ready to accommodate, you need the SIT service. It is temporary warehouse storage of your shipment until it can be further transported. The moving companies are likely to charge you additional costs for such 


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