Mid-Autumn Festival Approaches!

MidAutumn Festival Approaches

21 Sep 2021

The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the commonly shared festivals in East and Southeast Asia. It falls on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar when the moon is full. It heralds the end of a long hot summer and bountiful harvests. It comes with cooler winter temperatures. It’s all about light, so there are lanterns everywhere which produce a joyful and happy atmosphere. 

‘Mooncakes’ are a hallmark of Mid-Autumn. These round-shaped, lotus bean-filled delicious symbolize unity, 

completeness, and family harmony. Fruit of all kinds is served and often given as gifts to business associates and younger family members. 

Mid-Autumn is also closely associated with romance. This is typically the time of the year to celebrate marriages, propose matrimony, and for single women to pray to the moon deity Chang’e to introduce a suitable husband. 

While the Chinese celebrate this festival more than others, the Japanese, Singaporeans, Vietnamese, and Filipinos also consider this occasion an important time.

If we turn to Korea, things are a bit different. During Chuseok (their version of Mid-Autumn) in Seoul, you’ll likely find the streets empty. Unlike the one-day holiday in Hong Kong, Chuseok lasts several days when enables Koreans who work in different cities, to return home for quality family time. 

Great attention is paid to the aesthetics of the exceptional food and snacks. Jeon (a type of Korean pancake) must look nice and be adequately presented to respect family ancestors.

We hope you are in one of these countries during this festive time of the year, and that we’ve given you a bit of insight into what is going on and why it is essential. We’ve only scratched the surface, so let your natural curiosity take over. Ask your local friends to explain their favorite aspects to Mid-Autumn, and you’ll enjoy the learning experience. 

At Asian Tigers, we wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival. Enjoy the time with your loved ones!