Let’s Start the Year of the Tiger with Lai See

Let’s Start the Year of the Tiger with Lai See 

25 Jan 2022

Lunar New Year is approaching; It may be your first Chinese New Year holiday in Asia, where they celebrate Lunar New Year. Some Chinese traditions include giving out “Lai See,” blessing with “Kung Hei Fat Choi” during this festival. Here are some tips, and I hope you find them useful:

Sometimes called Red Pocket Money, Lai See will be given out within the first fifteen days of the Chinese New Year, from 1st Feb to 15th Feb. Giving out “Lai See” symbolizes bringing back good luck and fortune. 

Usually, married people will give out “Lai Seeto unmarried people regardless of age. Sometimes, the elderly may give them to their younger generations. The boss will give out “Lai See” to all their staff on the first working day, to wish them a good start to the coming year! You can give “Lai Seeto your subordinates regardless of their marriage. If you were new to your organization, you might not know who is married. By observing your Chinese colleagues’ practice, you can get clues. Indeed, if you render “Lai See” to doormen and waiters in the restaurant you always visit, they will serve you better. 

The “Lai See” values usually range from HK$20 to 100 of brand new banknotes, but you can put as much as you want. The amount signifies the relationship between you and the receiver. The banks in Hong Kong have already started to issue new banknotes. Please go to the nearest branch you always make the transaction, and they are happy to exchange new banknotes for you. 

Be generous to give Lai See since as many Lai See you give as much fortune you can receive in the coming year!

We wish you all the best in the Year of Tiger!

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