Four Factors to Consider When Shopping for Moving Services

Four Factors to Consider When Shopping for Moving Services 

26 May 2020 

Moving is not easy. We all know that. It’s stressful; it tests the patience of even the calmest and relaxed people. So what do we do to make this difficult and stress-inducing undertaking a bit easier? 

Moving is my profession so it shouldn’t surprise you that my first suggestion would be to hire a professional mover. We do this for a living so we know the in’s and out’s. Of course, we’re experts in packing, shipping, delivering, etc. Equally important, we help you navigate the intricacies of customs clearance, insurance, and we tackle the complex paperwork involved with an international relocation. With that in mind, you may want to use these basic ideas to increase your odds of choosing the right mover for you:


How long has the mover been in business in your market? Are they well known in the community? How focused are they 

on moving – are they primarily movers or is this just one of their many business lines?


Most reliable movers will have some accreditations so an ISO certification is a positive indicator. FIDI, the leading international moving organization, has a quality program (FAIM) that is the industry standard. A FAIM certified mover is a reliable indicator of quality and professionalism. Learn more about FIDI at 


Word of mouth, the advice of friends and neighbors and general standing in community is always worth investigating. The proof of the pudding so to speak is what their actual customers have to say. 


In almost all cases, you’ll need an inhome survey of your goods so that the mover can get an accurate assessment of the scale and scope of your move. During that survey, you’ll get an impression of the surveyor and the company he or she represents. Do you feel comfortable with them? Do they listen to you? Are they knowledgeable? Do they convey a sense of caring and concern? 

This is not an exhaustive list; it is only meant to be a basic starting point. Of course, price will factor in as will other things but use this to map out your first steps. 

And, most of all, I hope you have a great move and enjoy your new life adventure!