Expat Life: Moving Abroad During COVID-19

Expat Life: Moving Abroad During COVID-19 

25 Oct 2021 

Moving to and living in a foreign country can be both exciting and challenging. Add a pandemic to the mix, the challenges and stresses are amplified significantly. If you do additional research and planning for the ongoing impact of COVID-19 and know what challenges there might be, you’ll be far more prepared when the challenges come your way and avoid potential disasters. 

Following are considerations that need to be thought on during the current pandemic:

1. Check, and double-check if you will be able to relocate 

When considering your move, you should check if you’ll be permitted to leave your current country, and whether the destination country allows you to enter. Would you be required to acquire any permits or exemptions to depart or enter? Will you be required to be fully or partially vaccinated or obtain a negative COVID test result? Check periodically in case of any changes before your intended move date. 

2. Research the way the pandemic has been handled in the destination country

  1. How well is COVID-19 being managed in your destination country? Would your opinion change if the situation worsened? 
  2. Will you be required to undertake a period of quarantine or self-isolation upon arrival at your destination? 
  3. Will you be able to return to your home country at any time without undue burden, or would there be a significant cost (financial or in terms of time) that may prevent you from returning when you want? 
  4. What is the likelihood of having to work from home for an extended period?

3. Be prepared for situations to change quickly 

Stay up to date with the situation in both countries as restrictions and health guidelines are constantly changing. Having a plan for what you will do in various situations will enable you to respond quickly and adapt to changes. Stay in regular contact with your place of employment, shipping company, and relocation service provider, so you’re kept in the information loop and one step ahead if circumstances change. 

We live in unprecedented times with high levels of unpredictability, but life continues, and many people are successfully moving internationally. As well as the considerations above, be sure to partner with a reputable moving and/or relocation company to help your move go smoothly. 

If you would like assistance with shipping or relocation support, contact your local Asian Tigers office or reach out to us via our online contact form. 

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