Enter Second Year of Partnership With WWF

Enter Second Year of Partnership With WWF 

25 Jun 2018

Working together to double wild tigers 

We are pleased to announce that we enter into the second year of the important partnership with WWF Singapore to double the numbers of tigers in the wild. 

Asian Tigers Group has established the Tiger Action Fund, whose support to WWF goes towards critical resources such as training for rangers, anti-poaching efforts, research and policy advocacy, and communications efforts. In the long term, these measures will inspire collective action across the globe to protect Asia’s wild tigers and catalyze impactful legislative change. 

“Our partnership with WWF is an excellent opportunity to enable the Tiger Action Fund to have a greater impact. We are confident that by combining our resources and talents, we can provide a boost to the TX2 goal of doubling wild tigers. As we share the same values and commitment to a healthy planet for wildlife and people, it was a natural fit between Asian Tigers Group and WWF. The roadshow conducted by WWF Singapore team in our office also enhanced the awareness of environmental issues. The visit to our office by WWF staff was very much appreciated.” Gordon Bell, Chairman, Asian Tigers Group