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What should I Do If I want to Leave the Host Country for a Couple of weeks?

15 Jul 2019

Holidays come. It is an excellent opportunity for the expats going back to their home country. With a house of goods in the host country, what should they do to keep all the things secure and in good condition

The humidity of some Asian countries can do severe damage to household goods. If expats decided to leave the host country for quite a while, some measures would have to be taken to prevent mildew, especially in summer. Since controlling the humidity is important, please don’t forget to put new dehumidification bags in your wardrobe before leaving. This measure can keep your clothes away from mildew, yet, the furniture is still in danger. If possible, you can ask your local friends or hire a household helper to visit your house at least once a week to turn on the electrical dehumidifiers for your home. You may also consider finding a company who provides climate-controlled storage service for the short term. 

Not only do you want your household goods away from mildew, but also to be secure. It is more likely that thefts break into a house with nobody there. With no doubt, you don’t want to lose your valuable watches or jewelry or anything (without compensation) when you are not in the house. Therefore, you may consider purchasing home insurance with wide coverage. It can provide you with protection against theft, fire, water damage as well as storms and typhoon damage. Some insurance can also offer you worldwide cover whether you are inside or outside the country. 

If you are still worried and would like to keep your eyes on the remote home, you may also consider installing CCTV. After the installation, you can connect the camera via your mobile and check the security of your house anytime and anywhere.