Double Wild Tigers by 2022 with Everyone’s Help

Double Wild Tigers by 2022 with Everyone’s Help 

10 Aug 2021 

2022 is the Lunar Year of the Tiger-a once in a 12-year opportunity to celebrate tigers and their importance to healthy ecosystems. It is also the year of the second Global Tiger Summit where governments, communities, and conservation groups come together to secure a future for tigers. 

Wild tiger numbers are declining in all tiger range countries in mainland Southeast Asia, and it is now a near certainty that these countries will have fewer tigers than they did in 2010- the year the global goal was set to double the world’s wild tigers by 2022. “Tiger populations in Southeast Asia have declined at an alarming rate despite global pledges to increase numbers a decade ago. It’s not too late if urgent action is taken to resource and manage the last strongholds of Asia’s iconic big cat,” said Stuart Chapman, lead of WWF’s Tigers Alive Initiative.

To bring hope for the overall biodiversity, Asian Tigers Group embarked on a partnership with WWF-Singapore in 2017 to reverse a steep decline in the population of wild tigers by supporting TX2-a WWF supported global goal to double the number of wild tigers by 2022. The partnership enters its fifth year after being renewed for another two years in May 2021, affirming Asian Tigers Group as one of WWF-Singapore’s longest-running partners. 

With the partnership, conservation standards (CA|TS) and technology (SMART) continue to be refined and implemented across tiger sites to mitigate poaching and prevent snares from wiping out the big cats from their forest homes.

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