Covid and the Moving Industry

Covid and the Moving Industry 

25 May 2021

Covid has disrupted all of our lives in many profound ways, even reaching into the moving industry. How? In many ways actually: 

  • COVID-19 has dramatically increased shipping costs. The price to move a container of household goods to Europe or the USA has risen sixfold in many cases. The main factor driving these skyrocketing costs is a shortage of labour (marine crews, port handlers, and truck drivers.)
  • COVID-19 has drastically reduced the number of packing specialists available during the busy summer season. It only needs a few of these specialists to be unavailable before schedules are severely disrupted. 
  • Container availability and space on ships face critical shortages. That often means your household goods must be moved to, and stored in, a warehouse either at origin or destination. That results in delays and additional storage costs.
  • COVID-19 has reduced the number of air cargo routes on offer. While only a small portion of household goods shipments move by air, it is still enough to cause significant disruptions. An unhappy result – it’s much hard to move your pet because they go via air freight, and many times the routing is often much longer.

As much as we’d like to, we can’t change COVID-19. Nor can we fix the global shipping crisis. But you can help us, to help you, by booking your international shipment as early as possible. 

Get out in front of these problems; don’t allow yourself to have to play catch-up. The best thing you can do is contact your nearest Asian Tiger office to get more specifics and take a positive first step to reduce your risk of disappointment.