Relocation Services

The Asian Tigers Group has a strategic partnership with Silk Relo, a leading provider of relocation services with offices throughout Asia.

As a complement to the standard moving services such as packing, forwarding, and delivery, Silk offers a variety of services such as visas, home and school search, settling in and orientation, and many more. All of these services come together to make your move to a new home, in a new location, as smooth as possible.

  • Visa & Immigration
  • Home Search
  • Tenancy management
  • Temporary Living
  • School search

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Visa & Immigration

We will navigate the detailed and oftentimes complicated visa and immigration processes for you, so you can be certain that this core requirement for your move is under control. 

  • Review procedures with the transferee and collect all required data
  • Coordinate the visa application process
  • Track and report visa and/or work permit expiry and renewal dates

Temporary Living

Once you arrive at your new destination, we will support you with temporary living arrangements, ensuring you have enough time to select the ideal home. 

  • Introduce serviced apartment or hotel information to you or your transferee
  • Arrange property inspection, inventory check-in, and check-out, if you require it
  • Due diligence review and negotiation of your lease agreements

Tenancy Management

Even once you are settled into your new home, we are on hand to support you and help manage your tenancy for the duration of your stay, giving you added peace of mind.

  • Scheduled follow-ups with your transferee, act as advocate for your transferee to the Landlord and help you reserve for any tenancy or maintenance issues
  • Coordination of handyman services for you
  • Detailed property report prepared upon inspection for you
  • Coordination and management of your lease renewal
  • Ongoing telephone support for the duration of your tenancy with monthly client reporting

Whether you are moving abroad or simply moving locally,

Choose the experts.