Be a Responsible Owner

Be a Responsible Owner 

25 Mar 2019

Things may not go as you expected. You may want to leave your home country with your lovely pets, but there are many situations that can make this decision impossible. Not all pets can be easily relocated. If your pets are very old or have a poor health condition, relocating them forcibly may lead to death easily due to the flight or quarantine. In such a case, you better not relocate your pets with you. Even your pets are healthy; there are still some limitations which may hinder the move of your pets to your host country, such as the immigration rules of specific species, the house size in the host country, etc. 

As a responsible owner, once the above situations happen, you may need to rehome your pets. If your trustworthy family members or friends can help, it will be one of the best solutions. You can ensure a safe new life of your pets, and still be able to visit the pets whenever you go back to your home country. However, when the situation is not such ideal, you may seek help from animal charities. Most of them can keep your pets until they can find new owners to rehome your pets. 

Although there are many animal charities, not all of them can ensure a good future for your pets. That is why selecting an animal charity with a good reputation is very important. Take LAP and SPCA in Hong Kong as examples; they require adopters to go through the adoption process step by step in order to make sure the adopter is eligible to adopt a cat or dog. They will ask for documents like the residential address to make sure that pets are permitted, and will interview the whole family to see if they are ready and suitable to adopt pets. Charities like them are more likely to guarantee a good future of your pets. 

Separating from your beloved pets is a tough decision to make. We know it. It is not a desirable ending but you can still do your best to take care of their future. Instead of abandoning them on streets or putting them down, rehoming them is the best choice.