Autumn in Asia

Autumn in Asia 

30 Sep 2019

Autumn denotes the end of summer and the start of cold days. The breezy wind and the beautiful sceneries are going to make you fall in love with the autumn in Asia. 

Since the humidity and the hotness of summer are gone, autumn is a perfect time to have outdoor activities. Hong Kong is a small city with many hiking trails, which provide a variety of walks of different lengths and character. Hiking in Hong Kong is absolutely an enjoyable experience for the whole family in autumn. Pok Fu Lam Family Walk is a nice trail for kids and elderly. The Walk is easy and lined with forests. You can hear the birds and feel the scent of flowers along the path. If you are not a big fan of hiking, a picnic is also a good choice for you. There are many parks and public areas allowing citizens to have a picnic. Sunshine, food, and laughter can make your day. 

If you want to appreciate maple, Hong Kong may not be a good place, but Korea and Japan are! If you haven’t been to Naejangsan National Park in Korea, you should go once! Naejangsan National Park is the most popular autumn foliage viewing spots. You can witness the gorgeous autumn scenery and join in the authentic, local experience. It may be a bit far away from Seoul, but you will never regret to go there! Maple is awesome, but red is not the dominant color in the Korean Autumn, you can also see the fabulous falling yellow leaves everywhere. On the Asan Gingko Tree Road, you can also see the golden yellow carpet during autumn. 

To celebrate such a beautiful season, Hongkongers have the Mid-Autumn festival while the Koreans have chuseok. Both festivals provide a great opportunity to spend time with the beloved family. Autumn is a beautiful season in Asia. Let’s enjoy it before it goes.