Asian Tigers Group Managers Meeting in Bangkok, Thailand

Asian Tigers Group Managers Meeting in Bangkok, Thailand

    In March 2023 we were getting ready to send our senior leaders to the FIDI conference in Bangkok when we realised it was also a great opportunity to pull our managers from around the region and all huddle up for some socialising, training and to just get some much needed facetime after being apart for so many years during the Covid 19 pandemic.

    It had been a while – years for some – since we’d seen each other and it was rewarding, fulfilling and refreshing to see these faces we liaise with all the time on Zoom – in person. There were a lot of laughs, some great dinners (The Blue Elephant in Bangkok is not to be missed!) and the last day of the meetings allowed us all to refresh our common understanding of the industry just as some of us got ready to attend the FIDI Conference.

    The talks and seminars put on by FIDI at their 2023 conference were rich and the feedback from all the Asian Tigers who attended was that they were top quality and informative. After a few years of virtual conferences it was exciting and fun to get together, shake some hands, and connect with humans the way we used to in order to learn a thing or two.

    We are already looking forward to the next opportunity to get the senior leadership and regional management teams together again as even the many side conversations we had throughout this event were productive and informative. 

    Being part of an adaptive organisation meant that in 2020 we had to adapt to a different kind of life during the pandemic, but it was refreshing to adapt back to raising our glasses together in the same room, sharing a laugh and a meal, and reconnecting with the very best people in the industry.