Asian Tigers Singapore – FAIM Plus

Asian Tigers Singapore – FAIM Plus 

21 Feb 2020

Congratulations to K C Dat Singapore (trading under Asian Tigers Singapore) on their success of full compliance to the FAIMPLUS Standard again!

The FIDI-FAIM certification programme requires that international movers have a periodic independent assessment of their moving activities through an independent audit which is performed every three years. 

Asian Tigers Singapore, a FIDI Affiliated companies also has to perform a yearly Internal FAIM Audit (IFA), to guarantee their ongoing compliance with FAIM regulations. Since the implementation of FAIM 3.2 in January 2019, Asian Tigers Singapore also has to do a yearly Financial Assessment which is checked by a third-party auditor, such as EY through a secured platform. The auditor verifies the documents submitted and returns a report on the company’s financial health. 

This ensures that FIDI companies work to a worldwide common standard for managing and performing international moving services in a uniformed, quality-minded and effective way. 

For the end-customer, choosing a FAIM certified company gives the person who moves and the HR department who is organising the move, confidence that the company knows the business and has the resources and know-how to do the job properly.