Asian Tigers Malaysia Go Pink for Pinktober

Asian Tigers Malaysia Go Pink for Pinktober

Margaret Heath’s Triumph Over Breast Cancer
Meet Margaret Heath, our remarkable colleague who faced a breast cancer diagnosis head-on in October 2021. After undergoing 14 months of intensive treatment and numerous follow-up checks, we are thrilled to share that she is now cancer-free. Here is the inspiring message she wishes to share with all of you:
“When I received my diagnosis, it was a jolting moment. I had never encountered a serious illness prior to this, with the exception of the births of my children. However, I was determined to conquer cancer. I understood that today, this is a treatable condition, and I could fight it. Of course, there were hurdles to overcome – losing my hair was a significant one, and my appetite diminished. Yet, most other side effects were manageable with open conversations with my doctor and appropriate medications. It is undoubtedly a challenging journey, but I want anyone facing such a diagnosis to understand that cancer is conquerable. The key lies in early detection. Do not disregard any warning signs. If you have health concerns, seek medical attention – not only for breast cancer but for any health issue – because early detection can often make all the difference. If there’s one valuable lesson I’ve learned from my battle with cancer, it’s an even deeper appreciation for my loved ones and an unyielding commitment to living life to its fullest.”

Tigers Go Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness 
Asian Tigers Malaysia proudly supports breast cancer awareness, and this October, we’ve gone all out to show our commitment. The significance of this cause became even more profound when our dear colleague, Margaret Heath, battled breast cancer in 2021. Her journey opened our eyes to the importance of this movement. Throughout the month of October, the entire Asian Tigers Malaysia team, including office staff, warehouse personnel, and packing crews, has enthusiastically embraced Pink October. Every Casual Friday, we proudly wear custom-made Pink Tigers t-shirts to stand in solidarity with the fight against breast cancer. This effort complements our ongoing support for various awareness programs and charitable events.

Our Packing & Moving Teams in Pinktober 
Our packing and moving teams are taking the Pinktober message to their job sites. During the entire month of October, select crews will don the “Asian Tigers Tough Guys” t-shirts. Our aim is to create a sense of support and solidarity for those who are breast cancer survivors or currently battling this disease. We are immensely proud of our Tough Guys in Pink!

Asian Tigers Staff Radiating Pink Positivity 
Our corporate team in Malaysia is not just working; they’re working with heart and style. In a show of unwavering support for breast cancer awareness month, our staff adorns shades of pink, reflecting our commitment to our Asian Tigers family members who have valiantly faced cancer. Together, we aim to spread awareness and inspire hope.

Warehouse Tough Guys Embrace Pink 
Even our Tough Guys in the warehouse are joining the campaign to bring color and hope into our storage facility. Every Friday in October, our staff shines in Pink to amplify awareness and make a positive impact.

A Morning of Education and Awareness 
On the morning of Friday, October 13th, we started the day with a delicious breakfast of roti canai, a beloved crispy, buttery flatbread of Indian origin. It was a special occasion as early birds gathered at the Asian Tigers Malaysia office to hear from a guest speaker from Sunway Medical who shared valuable insights about breast cancer and early detection.

Proud Sponsors of ABWM Pink Charity Event
Asian Tigers Malaysia takes immense pride in sponsoring the ABWM Pink charity event on October 24th. Our support for breast cancer awareness extends beyond our organization, as we actively contribute to making a difference.