Asian Tigers Korea’s CEO Helps Serve Up Goodwill at the 16th AMCHAM CEO Servers’ Night

Asian Tigers Korea’s CEO Helps Serve Up Goodwill at the 16th AMCHAM CEO Servers’ Night

Saenah Song pictured along with James Kim, CEO of Amcham Korea.

In a heartening display of corporate social responsibility and community involvement, the American Chamber of Commerce in Korea (AMCHAM) recently hosted the 16th AMCHAM CEO Servers’ Night at the Conrad Seoul Hotel. This event, a testament to compassion and collaboration among business leaders, saw 31 top executives, including Asian Tigers Korea’s very own CEO, Saenah Song, step into the role of servers for the evening. The event marked a significant return, being the first of its kind since 2019, disrupted previously by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The event was not just about CEOs serving food and drinks; it was a powerful gesture of giving back to the community. After receiving dinner service training from the Conrad Seoul staff, these C-level executives from key AMCHAM member companies, including Asian Tigers Korea, served their colleagues and friends. The turnout was unprecedented, making it the largest CEO Servers’ Night in AMCHAM’s history, both in participation and proceeds.

Chairman and CEO of AMCHAM, James Kim, described the event as a heartwarming comeback, emphasizing how global corporations are wholeheartedly embracing corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities and creating a real societal impact. The event raised around KRW100,000,000, all of which, after covering expenses, will be donated to the Partners for the Future Foundation. This contribution will provide much-needed scholarships to university students from financially challenging backgrounds.

Asian Tigers Korea, under the leadership of CEO Saenah Song, is proud to have been a part of this meaningful event. It reflects our commitment to not just excellence in service but also to playing an active role in supporting and uplifting the community. As a leading moving company in Asia, we believe in moving forward by giving back, and the CEO Servers’ Night was a perfect embodiment of this philosophy.

Saenah Song, AT Korea CEO, serving employees of AT Korea during the event.