Asian Tigers China Update! Further optimizing the prevention and control measure of COVID-19

Asian Tigers China Update! Further optimizing the prevention and control measure of COVID-19

Asian Tigers China Update! Further optimizing the prevention and control measure of COVID-19 

23 Nov 2022 

The Chinese government released a circular on further optimizing the COVID19 response, announcing 20 prevention and control measures on 11th, November. It is a sign that the dynamic zero COVID policy in China has entered into a new stage.

20 measures to optimize prevention and control 


(Simplified version极简版) 

  1. Cut isolation for close contacts to 5 days at a central facility and 3 days at home, down from 7+3; 


2. No longer identify the close contacts of close contacts. 


3. People living in high-risk areas must spend 7 days at home, rather than at a centralized quarantine facility; 


4. Remove the “medium” risk category; only homes, workplaces and areas often frequented by someone infected will be deemed high-risk; all other areas are low-risk; high risk areas should mostly be confined to residential units or blocks, and cannot be extended at will; 


5. Workers in high-risk positions exiting closed-loop operations mush spend 5 days at home, down from 7 days at home or in a centralized isolation facility; 


6. Remove mass testing in most areas, with citywide tests given only when the source of infection is unknown; 


7. Scrap circuit breaker bans for incoming flights and reduce pre-flight PCR testing to one from two; 


8. Allow closed-loop systems to ease rules for business executives and sports stars; 


9. Set cycle threshold values at less than 35 to diagnose Covid in new arrivals; 

入境人员阳性判定标准为核酸检测Ct值 < 35.

10. Cut quarantine for new arrivals to five days in a hotel and 3 at home, down from the previous 7+3. 


11. Increase health care resources, including hospital beds; 


12. Promote vaccine usage, especially booster shots for the elderly; 


13. Stockpile medicine and equipment to treat Covid; 


14. Determine the size of the population still at risk for Covid; 


15. React quickly to outbreaks to reduce size and duration needed for pandemic control; 


16. Halt excessive anti-Covid measures imposed by local governments; 


17. Provide adequate supplies and necessary medical care for people in quarantine; 


18. Improve pandemic control measures on school campuses; 


19. Implement pandemic control measures in industrial parks to ensure smooth supply chain operations; 


20. Arrange orderly departures for people who are stranded during lockdowns. 


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