Asian Tigers China Records Management Service

Asian Tigers China Records Management Service

Asian Tigers China Records Management Service 

29 Mar 2022

We are happy to announce that Asian Tigers China has launched Records Management Service in March. In business, information an important asset to any organization. Safe guarding this information and keeping it readily accessible is an ongoing concern for most companies. 

Consider these statistics 

  • 90% of business information still exists on paper. 
  • 20% to 40% of workers time is wasted searching for documents 
  • Of all the documents that get handled each day, 90% are shuffled 
  • The average document get copied 19 times
  • Companies spend on average $20 in labour to file a document, $120 in labour to find a misfiled document, and $220 in labour to produce a lost document. 
  • 18 minutes is the average search time for a document 
  • 5% of all documents get lost and 3.0% get misfiled
  • More than 70% of today’s businesses would fail within 3 weeks if they suffered a catastrophic lost paper-based records due to fire or floods
  • Every 12 filing cabinets require an additional employee to maintain
  • Each 4 drawer file cabinet takes up to 9 sq ft of floor space and costs an average $1,500 / year
  • Each 100 documents/day = $39,000/year to file/retrieve

Benefits of companies out-sourcing their records management

  • Reduce wasted office space – Save costs
  • Keeps office environment tidy and efficient – better presentation for visitors & better environment for staff
  • Volume of documents requiring retention is normally increasing all the time – Government requiring retention of certain documents for up to 10 years
  • Allows staff to focus on core business activity 
  • Increase security & peace of mind by storing records offsite – in case of fire or other disasters 
  • No need to invest in establishing or upgrading software or bar-coding system – as your Records Management provider have already made this investment for you
  • Allows for ease in separating costs between different departments/divisions

Our Records Management Service 

Considering the above factors, it’s a smart option for organizations to outsource the management of physical and digital records. Our main four services are – 

Documents and Media Tape Storage 

We provide a secure storage environment and customized storage solutions for document and Media Tape storage including storage design, logistics support, temperature control and humidity control. 

Document review 

Our system can timely respond to review documents. It supports online operation which can be tracked throughout the process. 

Confidential destruction 

Documents are disposed environmentally. Real-time monitoring can ensure information security. 

Business process outsourcing (BPO) 

We provide comprehensive support for document digitization. 

If you’d like to consult more about Record Management Service, please feel free to contact us Toll-free number: 400-033-3257 (Dial from China); +86 400-033-3257 (Dial from outside China) Email: [email protected]