Are you Ready to Assist the Assignees?

Are you Ready to Assist the Assignees? 

2 Mar 2020

We all know about the stress assignees have before and during the relocation, but they are not the only ones feeling stressful. To facilitate the relocation of assignees, HR experts have obstacles to overcome. Since you are the one who comes to their mind immediately when they face any difficulties during the relocation, you have to be well-prepared to solve problems for them. 

The most frequently asked question must be about the relocation package the remuneration, duration, role, and responsibility, etc. Cover all the details in the contract. Otherwise, you will regret it. Among all the terms, you may concern the compensation package the most. Even if you have ever sent assignees to other countries, the compensation package is different case by case, and no single rule can be applied to all the circumstances. You need to consider things like the living standard of the destination and the position of the assignee, and then discuss the terms and conditions with the assignees. 

Another common question is about living place in a foreign country. Before relocating an assignee, you better search a home beforehand or at least provide guidelines on searching home. You should suggest a safe and sound area for the assignees to live in, as a secure area can avoid troubles for both of you and the assignees. It is understandable that finding a home in a remote country is not that easy for you, so you may need a local agent or relocation company like Asian Tigers Mobility who provides not only moving services but also home finding services. Their expertise can help you save lots of time to find a suitable place for the assignees. 

Other than the basic needs, you may need to consider the emotion of the assignees. People are likely to neglect mental health, yet, it is absolutely important and may affect the performance of the assignees. Anxiety comes from uncertainty and lack of support. To prevent the assignees from being anxious, you can review the need of the assignees regularly and assist them if possible. Without sufficient support, the assignees can hardly focus on their tasks. That’s not what you want for sure

The things you have to deal with are not all shown here. However, maintaining a good relationship with the assignees is the key to have a successful assignment. You may find that thinking more from the assignees’ point of view can help you get a solution to deal with all the problems.