520 Express your Love!

520 Express your Love!

520 Express your Love!

19 May 2022 

Tomorrow will be May 20th, and it is a special day in China! As 520 is a homonym (each of two words having the same pronunciation but different meanings), for “I love you” in Chinese, it is considered a day to express love in China. Amid COVID-19, we may need to stay at home and cannot hang out with friends and family. Even for Expats, living in a foreign country without social activities can be unsettling and stressful. 520 is a good day to walk an extra mile to express your love to your family and friends. 

Love to your children 

Children are most likely emotionally affected when living in an unfamiliar environment-making new friends, settling in at a new school, etc. Parents are busy at work and may not be aware that their children may be emotionally vulnerable. Do take some time to show your love and find out the kids’ concerns and challenges. Also, talk to their school teachers about their school life

Love to your parents 

Due to COVID, we cannot visit our parents as frequently as before. Don’t forget to call them regularly and tell them how much you love them. Social distancing and city lockdowns will not limit you from expressing your love to them.

Love to your partner 

Life is stressful during COVID, and supporting your partner is crucial. Spend quality time with your partner, such as cooking a meal together and going for a walk after dinner. Let your partner know how much you appreciate the time spent together.

Love to your friends 

According to an influential study, friendship may be more vital to our physical and mental well-being than our relationships with close family and spouses. We may have a different structure of life with our friends, but by sending a caring message like “Hey! What’s up?” reach out to them; they can give you spiritual support.

So enjoy 520, and don’t forget to express your love! 

If you have any questions about relocating, please feel free to contact your local Asian Tigers office or reach out to us via our online contact form. 

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