50 Years a Tiger

50 Years a Tiger 

4 May 2021

Anne Lim recently celebrated this major milestone. To mark the occasion, this Singapore office stalwart spoke with us about her odyssey.

From left to right, Patrick Goh, John Lim, Anne Lim and Robbie Heng. 

Q: What were your early days like with Asian Tigers (AT)? 

A: Back in the 70’s, getting stable job felt like a matter of survival. It was that important to me. So I went through a number of part-time jobs before I ended up with AT. Once I became a Tiger, I realized this could well be my long term future. 

Q: What jobs have you had with the AT Group? 

A: I started as a Clerk/Typist before moving on to become the Chief Clerk. I progressed through Office Supervisor, Management Assistant, Export Manager, and Traffic Manager before my current role as Senior Manager of Move Management. 

Q: How has the AT Group evolved during your tenure? 

A: AT was known as K. C. Dat at that time which is still our legal name. But the AT brand is so powerful, so memorable that it has become our trademark and I’m very proud of it, and what it represents. 

Q: What have been some highs? Lows? 

A: We have had so many good times that it is hard to single out one. As far as lows go, I think this past year of Covid-19s has been very difficult. Even so, my colleagues have banded together to get us through these difficult times – I am looking forward to the post-Covid era. 

Q: Is retirement in your future? 

A: I am one of those people who genuinely enjoy working, enjoy being around my colleagues, and enjoy helping families move, relocate and start new lives. So retirement? Eventually but not right away.