5 tips to prepare expats for a different office culture

5 tips to prepare expats for a different office culture

20 Dec 2022

Working overseas as an expat may be harder than you think, as stepping out of your comfort zone and taking an oversea assignment can be challenging. Early on, you may sense a loss of the familiar as you adjust to the new office culture. Don’t worry, we have prepared 5 tips to help you adjust to different office cultures. 

Follow the new office culture 

As a newcomer, assuming your new workplace will adapt to your work style is unlikely. Every workplace has a unique company culture that has been in place for many years. Instead of expecting your new co-workers to adapt to you, following the new office culture is a better choice. Your co-workers will normally know how to get through the red-tape in the office, and consulting with them will reduce the chance of rejection by other departments. This will help you adapt to your new workplace smoothly.

Be patient 

Being patient can be the most important key to working abroad, although many will pursue instant gratification rather than being patient. It is better to be patient and listen to co-workers’ opinions and communication. For instance, in a region where locals do not use English as their official language, most of the co-workers will be non-native speakers, so their English may not be fluent. Accept that there will be grammatical errors and incomplete sentence structures in language, and be patient and listen to co-workers’ opinions and communication. When you empathize and understand your co- workers points of view, you will find that you will quickly fit into the new office culture 

Let go of the past 

Breaking up is hard, even if you are switching roles in the same company. Let go of the past by recognizing your emotions, releasing your negative energy and keeping an open mind to prepare for your next chapter. Starting a new chapter in life is challenging, and adjusting to a new location can take time. Everything leading up to the relocation can be chaotic and stressful, but hiring a professional mover like Asian Tigers can remove the stress of packing and moving. 

You may sometimes compare your former life to the new position and feel disappointed when things do not happen as expected. Letting go of the past and keeping an open mind about your current situation is the best way to get through complications in overseas assignments.

Try to create relationships with your new co-workers 

As you may spend more than 40 hours a week in your office, social interactions are inevitable. To fit in, you can try to form relationships with your new colleagues by chatting with them to help you understand the new workplace. Being polite and friendly to everyone is important, as it allows you to build a relationship with your co-workers and create a harmonious working environment. However, in certain industries where you have access to sensitive information, forming closer relationships may not be possible and may even be discouraged. 

Manage stress 

Relocating from a familiar environment to a new workplace is difficult, and working as an expat overseas may benefit your career, but stress can add up. When you feel irritable, short-tempered, or even find it hard to concentrate on your work, you may be affected by stress that you are unaware of 

Managing stress is important in keeping you balanced and in good mental health. There are many different ways to manage stress, and everyone has different ways to release stress. You can try to get enough sleep, maintain a healthy diet, learn a new hobby, exercise regularly, etc. 

Working overseas takes courage and dedication. Do not overload yourself by learning everything at once; take things slower and understand first. The Roman Empire was not built in one day. Take time to adjust to the new environment and the office culture, and you will reap the rewards after you overcome all the challenges. 

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