Environmental Policy Declaration

Asian Tigers is deeply committed to protecting the environment. We have a multifaceted approach to minimize our impact to the environment. The Environmental Policy Declaration will spell out what we do in this regard.

  • We minimize the consumption of paper packing materials by recycling clean, undamaged materials that we recover when we deliver inbound shipments to our locations. For local moves, wherever possible we employ reusable materials collected a such as plastic bins, wardrobe boxes, fabric blankets instead of corrugate wrap, and felt rather of cardboard floor runners.
  • We actively comply with local laws and regulations regarding environmental protection. Our trucks and other vehicles that we use for pickup and delivery of our shipments are carefully maintained. Non-recyclable waste such as damaged cardboard or wood, and used engine oil is disposed in accordance with local requirements.
  • In our offices, we recycle paper and reduce electrical consumption to the greatest extent possible. Many of our offices have quality certifications such as ISO 14,000, Wast$Wise, etc. In addition, the Asian Tigers Group aims to

 Be a Responsible Mover Conserve Resources Enhance Awareness
 …work diligently to prevent pollution, reduce solid waste, and minimize our environmental footprint. …conserve, reuse and recycle the natural resources used in our international household goods removal services. …continually improve our staff’s environmental awareness, and promote environmental care and protection.
 Set and Meet Objectives Comply with Requirements Review and Improve
 …establish and review our objectives & targets to continually improve the effectiveness of our environmental policy . … fully comply with outside environmental standards (e.g., FAIM, etc.), to which the Asian Tigers subscribe. … continually review this policy, to identify areas for further improvement, and to enhance our environmental performance.

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