The Common Questions Asked by the Expats

The Common Questions Asked by the Expats 

20 May 2019 

Once you are picked for the global assignment, you could probably feel panic and anxious due to the uncertainties. The good news is, you are not alone. The following shows the common questions asked by expats before heading to the host country. 

  1. Where am I going to live? 

The HR departments are likely to arrange a living place for the assignees. Sometimes, they don’t have experience of renting a house in an unfamiliar country so they may hire accommodation agents to help. If not, they may arrange in another way – providing allowance. If it is the case, you may need to search for the house by yourself. The arrangement varies between companies, so you better ask your HR department earlier and get prepared. 

  1. How can I find a school for my kids? 

Unlike the country you are living in, the host country may have a different education system and learning culture. You may need to consider the adaptability of your kids. Many expats would rather pick an international school for their kids since the kids can use their mother language to continue their studies. However, some expats want their kids to learn the local language and to integrate into society. With such thought, they are likely to arrange a local school for their kids. It is totally up to you, but you should do more research no matter what kind of school you pick. 

  1. What if I don’t like to be an expat? 

It is a common question as most people are afraid of leaving their comfort zone, especially when facing such an enormous change in life. When moving aboard became a fact, you should find ways to deal with this possible problem. There are many expat groups or associations in all countries. It is a good way for expats to gather and meet new friends. With friends in the host country, you are less likely to feel lonely and more likely to have an enjoyable life there. 

Challenges are ahead, but things can go smoothly if you are well-prepared. Please don’t panic; instead, start the journey with confidence.